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Our library page is used to provide an outline of some important policies that exist within the centre. A full list of these is available in the Centre Office. If you'd like to see them in full just ask Sharon or one of our educators on your next visit.
Nappy Change / Tolieting

This Policy recognises the importance of: correct hygiene principles in minimising the spread of disease during nappy changing and toileting.


We encourage close cooperation with parents to ensure that toilet training and toileting are positive experiences for the children both at home and at the Centre; and, a calm, positive and affirming response to toileting accidents


We also promote safety in this area by ensuring babies are never left unattended on the change table, and the educator keeps one hand on the baby at all times the baby is on the table.



Sleep and Rest

Children are active little people – constantly learning, playing, watching and interacting with others. It is crucial for their sense of well-being, healthy growth and development to have time away from busy surroundings to rest, to reflect and to imagine.


The Centre provides regular sleep and rest periods which follow the safe sleeping recommendations of the recognised authority, the National SIDS Council of Australia (SIDS and Kids), and take into consideration the ages, development and needs of individual children and their families.


Information about their children’s sleeping routines is sought and provided to families.

Safe Play Spaces

The physical environment has a critical role in keeping children safe. Educators conduct daily and weekly safety checks of the premises.


The Nominated Supervisor conducts a comprehensive safety check each quarter. Any identified issues are addressed. The safety checks and audits are documented and filed.  


Furthermore, to protect the hygiene and safety of all children and staff across the centre all equipment (e.g. cots, high chairs, prams) used by babies is regularly cleaned and serviced where required

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